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Are you seeking a cost-effective and less invasive alternative to traditional dental implants? Look no further. At Universal Dentistry, with six convenient locations in the greater Philadelphia area including Cherry Hill, Turnersville, Abington, North Wales, Bensalem, and Springfield, we specialize in Small Diameter Implants (SDI) aimed to restore your smile while respecting your budget.

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Why small-diameter implants may be the best option for you

  • More affordable than traditional implants
  • Less invasive procedure with shorter recovery time
  • Same-day procedure in most cases, saving you time
  • High-quality care from our experienced dental team

Your Journey to a Perfect Smile is Just One Visit Away

Our adept team of dentists at Universal Dentistry will work with you to ascertain if Small Diameter Implants are the right choice for you. In many instances, the procedure can be completed in just one visit, expediting your journey to a radiant smile.

Small-diameter dental Implants (MDIs) are smaller variants of regular dental implants, with a diameter of around 2.5mm, akin to a toothpick, compared to the 3.25-5mm diameter of standard implants.

Advantages of MDIs include less invasive surgery, quicker recovery, lower cost, and improved bite force compared to dentures. They’re ideal for individuals with insufficient bone for regular implants, or those needing to secure dentures, especially in tighter spaces or smaller jaws. They may also act as temporary solutions before permanent tooth replacement.

Small Diameter Implants in Willow Grove, PA

Exceptional Dental Care at Unbeatable Prices
Offering Small Diameter Implants at the remarkable price of $750.00 per implant, we’re making high-quality dental care accessible in Cherry Hill, NJ.