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Universal Dentistry

Welcome to Universal Dentistry in Turnersville, New Jersey! We’re here to keep you happy, healthy and smiling. That’s why prevention is extremely important to us. Did you know that cavities are 100 percent preventable? We are committed to making you part of that statistic, so you can keep your natural teeth your whole life! Our highly skilled professionals will provide gentle, six-month cleanings that will help ward off tooth loss and gum disease.

We are particularly devoted to prevention, because cavities and diseased gums can also lead to inflammation in other parts of the body. If you do need more extensive treatment, our experienced team is also well-equipped to handle conditions that have progressed and provide extensive services including crowns, root canals, dental implants and more.

No matter what treatment you receive, we will always be vigilant about your comfort. There is no one size fits all discomfort level, so we will stay attuned to how you personally feel. It’s important that we provide a high level of service that not only addresses dental care, but that forges deep, lasting relationships with our patients.

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For your peace of mind, we are COVID 19-compliant and clean and sanitize the office throughout the day.

Call us now and get ready to smile in style!

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We invite you to schedule a dental exam today. If you have your teeth cleaned on a regular basis, you decrease your risk of getting cavities or experiencing gum disease.

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We offer a variety of cosmetic services from teeth whitening to veneers. Visit our cosmetic dentistry page to view all of the cosmetic services available from Universal Dentistry!

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Missing or damaged teeth due to disease, decay, or injury? Whether you simply don’t like the way your teeth look, or you are experiencing pain, we can evaluate your needs.

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We are dedicated to providing you with outstanding service through cutting-edge equipment and techniques. At Universal Dentistry we handle all phases of Periodontics.

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